MSAC - MULTIPANEL in used in Eave Lining

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Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre, Melbourne


We knew we had a problem with the eaves but we could not find a solution to the problem without using traditional cement sheeting, and, as this had failed in the past, we were reluctant to head back down this path.

We needed a substrate that would hold up to the harsh conditions of an aquatic centre, with temperatures consistently above 30 degrees in the cavities and a lot of moisture in the air we needed a product that would withstand these conditions as well as be aesthetically pleasing.

I was introduced to MULTIPANEL by an industry expert and, when I found out it was 100% waterproof, could withstand the moisture and heat and I could finish it with just about anything, I could tell this would be a far superior solution to traditional methods that had previously failed.

Robert Ferguson – Project Manager SSCT Project outline

Project Outline
  • Aquatic Centre required the eave linings to be rectified to a section of the building as prior installation had failed.

  • The environment of the aquatic centre has heat and moisture, which caused the cement sheet to crack and peel causing a potential safety hazard to the public below.

  • High quality finish was required that could withstand the water issues and last preventing future defects and costlier replacements.

  • The finish had to be high quality due to the high profile of the building.

The solution
  • Supply 2400 x 1200mm x 16mm MULTIPANEL installed on 450mm centers.

  • 100% Waterproof MULTIPANEL used to eliminate the risk of moisture damaging the material. Also eliminated the possibilities of mold rot and bacteria.

  • The lightweight nature of MULTIPANEL also made for a much safer and easier installation.

Benefits derived from using MULTIPANEL

Where traditional products had failed in the past, MULTIPANEL’s qualities enabled the product to be a superior alternative over traditional sheeting products.

Added benefits included:

  • 100% WATERPROOF: Being 100% waterproof allowed the user to be satisfied that the project will not rot, leak or deteriorate over time. Given the harsh high moisture environment of the aquatic centre, this was the ultimate factor in deciding what product is to be used.

  • LIGHTWEIGHT: With MULTIPANEL 16mm only weighing 9.2kg per 2400 x 1200mm sheet this gave rise to significant OH&S advantages and was much easier to use for the builders on site.

  • COMPATABLE FINISHES: As the product is compatible to such a wide variety of finishes, the job was able to be finished in keeping with the high standard of the building.