A Testimonial from Tick Homes

15 November 2023

A Testimonial from Tick Homes

Project: Annette Hill Estate, Endeavour Hills
Builder: Tick Homes

Over our many years in the construction industry, we’ve seen our share of waterproof materials however, Multipanel's External Waterproof Graded Panels are a game changer. The product is unique in the marketplace and has fast-tracked our build process as well as providing long term quality for our clients. The panels are strong and durable but lightweight, making it easy to install, particularly on larger balconies where the weight load to trusses can be reduced. The customisable element is perfect for Tick Homes, which vary from project to project. There’s no time wasted with waterproofing, the panels are delivered and ready to use. It’s a stand-out, superior product which has given us a distinct advantage when it comes to our efficiencies, and the exceptional quality is passed on to our purchasers.

Our preference is to support local, Australian Made products so Multipanel is a natural choice. For us it also means shortened delivery times while the Codemark certification simplifies the permit process for compliance and approvals.

It’s rare and a welcome surprise to find this level of innovation and service, with a professional supplier/company behind us, taking every opportunity to ensure the product and process is everything we ask for and more.

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