HICKORY - Elm Apartments: Curved Showerbases

15 June 2017

Designed by the renowned Elenberg Fraser in collaboration with Hecker, Phelan & Guthrie, the Elm Apartments represent a step above in style, intelligence and beauty. The Elm development is rich in design responding to the diversity and environment within the precinct. Each of the 286 apartments incorporates a unique curved shower recess which is essential to the central design theme.

Building the tight curved walls of the recess presented significant challenges using traditional products and methods. A steel frame was built to act as the “skeleton” for the walls and to house the plumbing. Initially plasterboard was chosen as the material to bend around the frame.

The plasterboard, even though quite thin, kept splitting when it was bent around the tight curves of the frame. Even wetting the plasterboard to make it more pliable wasn’t working. Another worrying factor was the time it was taking for each installation.

During a demonstration of MULTIPANEL a single contractor completed an installation within 45 minutes, compared to the 4 hours unsuccessfully installing plasterboard. MULTIPANEL is flexible and can be heat formed to almost any shape. Only two sheets of Multi Panel were required for each shower meaning a single waterproof horizontal joint. Multiplying the savings in labour across 286 showers equates to a considerable amount over the project.

83 % of all building warranty claims result from water damage in wet areas so being 100% waterproof and having a lifetime warranty meant MULTIPANEL not only represented a cost effective solution but peace of mind for the builders. 

In order to create the unique feature of the curved shower recess in each apartment we needed a product that would not only outperform in wet area functionality but would be easy to install around the complex design. MULTIPANEL exceeded all our criteria and saved us considerable installation time. I would not hesitate to use this product again.


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