Other Waterproofing

MULTIPANEL'S revolutionary new waterproof plinth board can be easily buried into the ground to create a powerful moisture barrier. These lightweight boards are simple, cost-effective and 100% waterproof. That means they won't rot, deteriorate or break down over time. This product can be attached directly to 450mm studs or fixed to an existing solid substrate, making for an easy installation process.

The short edges are tongue and grooved for installation convenience and minimising waste. Please refer to the MULTIPANEL Plinth Technical Supplement guide for complete instructions on how to install the waterproof plinth board.

2400 x 1200 x 295mm 30mm 3.0kg
2400 x 1200 x 170mm 30mm 2.6kg

We've developed specialty panels ideal for lining planter boxes. These 100% waterproof panels are a lightweight and cost-effective way to ensure that any soil movement doesn't affect the waterproof integrity of your box, keeping your plants safe and healthy.

Application Sheet Size Thickness Weight Weight/m2 “R” value (m2-k/w)
Direct to 300mm spacings
2400 x 1200 30mm 18.0kg 6.25kg/m2 1.11
To be installed on top of a solid
substrate (as per our balcony
installation guide)
2400 x 1200 16mm 9.2kg 3.19kg/m2 0.59

MULTIPANEL has developed a 100% waterproof panel designed for decorative facade application and suitable for CNC machining.

Sheet Size Thickness Application Weight/m2
2400 x 1200mm 16mm Waterproof Facade 5.2kg
2400 x 1200mm 30mm Waterproof Facade 7.2kg

All edges of sheets are tongue and grooved for installation convenience and minimising waste.

When traditional materials don't work, MULTIPANEL products will. We've created flexible panels designed to line curved walls, staircases, facades and other tight spaces that can be difficult to waterproof.

Sheet Size Thickness Max centres Application Approx radius
2400 x 1200mm 8mm 150mm Curved Lining 400mm
2400 x 1200mm 12mm 200mm Curved Lining 1000mm
2400 x 1200mm 16mm 300mm Curved Lining 1500mm
2400 x 1200mm 30mm 400mm Curved Lining 2500mm

Please ensure the frame is straight and solid as MULTIPANEL will follow the frame.
Note: Frame spacings will depend on the panel thickness and the radius you are trying to achieve.

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