NEUMODE DESIGN and CONSTRUCTIONS - Curved Balustrading and Balcony Floor

02 June 2017

Design and Construction
12 York St, St Kilda West


When we looked at the plans we knew we would have difficulties achieving such a tight radius curve, knowing it was outside and needed to be waterproof we were very lucky to discover MULTIPANEL.

Once that problem was solved and we understood the benefits of a solid membrane solution, it was a no- brainer to put the material down for the substrate and the remaining balustrading. To have 30mm of solid sheet waterproofing gave us peace of mind knowing that even if the top coat of membrane was to fail, there would still be 30mm of solid MULTIPANEL underneath creating a barrier against moisture and leaks.

– Michael Hill, Director, Neumode Design and Construction 


  • Award winning home builder Nuemode Design and Construct required a material that was able to achieve a tight radius of 690 degrees on some sections of the balustrading, the material needed to be waterproof and compatible to a rendered finish
  • A high end quality renovation, there was no way they could risk any waterproofing issues, given the quality of the build
  • Waterproof material required for balcony substrate and balustrading that was compatible with high quality finishes 


  • Supply 30mm MULTIPANEL for balcony substrate and box guttering, 16mm supplied for balustrade, 8mm supplied for up stands and tighter radius walls
  • 100% Waterproof product to eliminate any risk of moisture tracking through the livable areas below
  • MULTIPANEL's lightweight characteristics made it easy for the builders to install in a second story application
  • Flexible properties of the thinner MULTIPANEL enabled intricate design and curvature to be met 


The builder had an issue with a tight radius corner of a balcony of 690 degrees. They required a material that could meet these strict radius requirements, that was also waterproof and was able to be finished in the same fashion as the rest of the build.

Once the builder was made aware of MULTIPANEL's ability to meet all of these requirements they immediately identified the benefit of using a complete waterproof solution for the balcony substrate and balustrading on the rest of the build.

MULTIPANEL was engaged to supply the substrate as it was the only 100% waterproof product available on the market. Being so lightweight, the workers were able to carry full sheets up stairs and through the existing dwelling with ease, enabling significant time savings. 

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