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MULTIPANEL Waterproof Shower Base Kit

MULTIPANEL has developed a simple, cost effective waterproof solution for internal wet areas.

MULTIPANEL’s shower base kit includes the base with the fall already graded for installation convenience. Within the hour you are ready to tile your shower base, it’s that simple. MULTIPANEL is so lightweight and requires no liquid membrane, MULTIPANEL can be installed up to 80% faster than alternative shower base systems.

Wet Area System Information

MULTIPANEL has gained accreditation from the Victorian Building Authority for an Internal Waterproofing System.
In conjunction with our shower base, 12mm MULTIPANEL
is used as a waterproof wall lining in the shower area and 8mm MULTIPANEL is utilised as a waterproof underlay. Implementing this system meets the waterproofing of internal wet areas performance requirements of AS3740, therefore eliminates the need for a liquid membrane which minimizes trades on site, speeding up the overall build time.

Eco Friendly

MULTIPANEL has been independently verified by EcoSpecifier as an environmentally friendly material. MULTIPANEL offers significant insulation advantages which offer increased savings for the total life of the project.

Essentially a bathroom can be waterproofed in 3–4 hours and be ready to tile the following day.

MULTIPANEL Shower base kits are available in three standard kit sizes:

  • 900 × 900mm
  • 1200 × 900mm
  • 1500 × 900mm

Custom sizes available up to 2400 x 1200mm with a 5 day turnaround time to your distributor.

MULTIPANEL Linear Shower base kits are available in three standard kit sizes:

  • 1200 × 900mm
  • 1500 × 900mm
  • 1800 × 900mm

MULTIPANEL Shower Base Kits include upstands, flashings and adhesives.

For full installation details, please refer to the MULTIPANEL Internal Wet Area WaterproofingSystem Installation Guide.

Waterproof Underlay and Wall Lining Product Information

2400 x 1200 8mm 5.2kg 1.8 0.30
2400 x 1200 12mm 7.2kg 2.5 0.44

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