MULTIPANEL Waterproof Plinth Board

MULTIPANEL has developed a simple, cost effective waterproof solution for Plinth Boards that can be buried in dirt.

MULTIPANEL manufactures a revolutionary 100% waterproof plinth board, ideal for burying into the dirt as a moisture barrier between the ground and the lightweight cladding.

This guide will outline the detailing of the plinth board to achieve a 100% waterproof substrate. 30mm MULTIPANEL can be installed direct to 450mm studs or alternatively it can be directly fixed to an existing solid substrate.


Many other panels are water resistant and hence rely on the need of a liquid membrane to waterproof a project. With MULTIPANEL, you have peace of mind knowing that the panel is immune to water and will act as a complete water barrier in all wet area situations.


MULTIPANEL is up to 80% lighter than traditional products.


As MULTIPANEL is so lightweight and can be used without a liquid membrane, MULTIPANEL can be installed up to 75% faster than traditional methods.


MULTIPANEL has been independently verified by EcoSpecifier as an environmentally friendly material. MULTIPANEL offers significant insulation advantages which offer increased savings for the total life of the project. There is also no material wastage as off cuts can be joined together using MULTIPANEL Polyurethane adhesive with joins becoming stronger than the panel itself. MULTIPANEL can also be joined off a floor joist, helping to minimise wastage.

Product Information

2400 x 200 30mm 3kg
2400 x 170 30mm 3kg
2400 x 295 30mm 4.25kg

The plinth boards are end matched with a tongue and groove for installation convenience

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