The Company

MULTIPANEL Pty Ltd is an Australian owned and operated company, established in 2000 to manufacture light weight, waterproof building panels.

MULTIPANEL is manufactured from a technologically advanced high density polyurethane composite material and has many energy efficient and eco-friendly properties.

MULTIPANEL provides superior, cost efficient applications across many industries including building and construction, marine, landscaping, caravans, signage, transport, refrigeration, and many more.

The versatile, lightweight, waterproof panels are stronger than traditional foam alternatives, are fire retardant and have excellent thermal and acoustic properties.

The Product

MULTIPANEL is a highly versatile product that can be used across a diverse range of industries

What makes the panel so unique is its strength being 210kg/m3 making it stronger than traditional foam cores. MULTIPANEL can also be thermoformed to create compound curves which makes it ideal for complex designs. MULTIPANEL is also up to 70% lighter than traditional sheeting products as well as being 100% WATERPROOF.

MULTIPANEL is easy to glue and screw and also has excellent insulation and acoustic properties. All of these benefits combine to open up limitless design applications for both interior and exterior projects.