RPF GROUP - Balconies at Gatehouse Drive Apartments

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Gatehouse Drive Apartments, Kensington


Due to the failure of the traditional construction methods we needed to source a new material so that we weren’t faced with the same issues down the track. We identified MULTIPANEL as the product to be used as it is the only 100% Waterproof Building Panel on the market. From a material handling and safety perspective, being so lightweight made the product so much easier to carry up scaffolding as the 2400 x 1200 sheets weigh only 18Kg. The speed of installation versus traditional methods also helped us exceed time expectations of the client.

Chris Rashleigh, RPF Group - Site Supervisor 

Project outline
  • 41 Balconies that need to be replaced due to water damage

  • Residents still living in the building creating significant time pressures

The solution
  • Supply 30mm tongue and grooved MULTIPANEL as the substrate with 16mm MULTIPANEL supplied for up stands and fascia’s

  • Tile direct to MULTIPANEL , no waterproofing required

  • 100% Waterproof product to reduce costs of full waterproofing

  • MULTIPANEL's lightweight characteristics made it easy for the builders to carry up scaffolding and cut MultiPanel on the balcony, with standard wood tools

  • All of the above enabled a significant time saving, rather than using existing methods that may fail again 

Benefits derived from using MULTIPANEL

The Gatehouse Drive Apartments in Kensington had significant water issues with the balconies after only 8 years since completion. An insurance claim was raised to remove the existing balcony substrates that had since rotted causing significant collateral damage as well.

MULTIPANEL was engaged to supply the substrate as it was the only 100% waterproof product available on the market. Being so lightweight, the workers were able to carry full sheets up 5 flights of stairs and scaffolding and cut and fit the sheets whilst up on the scaffolding, enabling significant time savings.

Once complete the balconies were actually flooded and left for weeks to highlight just how well MULTIPANEL stands up when completely submerged underwater.