Waterproof Building Panels

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MultiPanel manufactures a versatile building panel based on a unique rigid, high density, polyurethane panel system. It is a cost effective solution for wet area construction, indoor & outdoor, and where light weight yet strong materials are required.

MultiPanel is a lightweight and 100% waterproof building panel, it will not absorb any moisture and can be used without a membrane coating. MultiPanel is used in many building applications including facades, bulkheads, eaves, external cladding, waterproof flooring substrate, waterproof wall lining for wet areas and many more. Thinner panels are flexible allowing for creativity in designing curved elements within the building. The ease in which this can be achieved makes on-site installation extremely efficient.

MultiPanel has been used as substrates in many showers and balconies and has proven to save labour for onsite installation but more importantly is a solution to moisture related problems in wet areas.