Waterproof Building Panels

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Balcony System


MultiPanel Waterproof
Balcony System

This innovative product is currently the most technologically advanced construction panel on the global market. It is a significantly superior alternate to traditional building materials.

MultiPanel manufactures a revolutionary, high-density, polyurethane composite building panel, ideal for waterproofing balconies as it is lightweight, 100% waterproof, highly versatile and replaces the need for a liquid membrane.

Super Lightweight — MultiPanel is up to 75% lighter than traditional products. 30mm MultiPanel weighs only 18Kg per sheet (6.25Kg/m2)

Labour Saving — All edges of the panel are tongue and grooved for installation convenience. As MultiPanel is so lightweight and requires no liquid membrane, MultiPanel can be installed to 75% faster than alternative balcony systems.

Eco Friendly — MultiPanel has been independently verified by EcoSpecifier as an environmentally friendly material. MultiPanel offers significant insulation advantages which offer increased savings for the total life of the project. There is also no material wastage as off cuts can be joined together using MultiPanel Polyurethane adhesive with joins becoming stronger than the panel itself.