Waterproof Building Panels

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What our customers say …

Hickory Developments

“In order to create the unique feature of the curved shower recess in each apartment we needed a product that would not only outperform in wet area functionality but would be easy to install around the complex design. MultiPanel exceeded all our criteria and saved us considerable installation time. I would not hesitate to use this product again.”

Joseph Licciardi, Procurement Advisor,
Hickory Developments

Dry Spell Gardening

“Every now and then I come across a product that sends a shiver of creative possibility down my spine. MultiPanel was one of those. It honestly seems like a product that’s too good to be true. When I discovered what it could do, in terms of its flexibility, durability, being waterproof and potential for carving and routing, my mind was working overtime about all the exciting ways we could put it to work.

The garden in Episode 4 of Dry Spell Gardening wouldn’t be the cutting edge piece of design if it weren’t for MultiPanel.”

Brendan Moar, Landscape Architect

Gulf Craft

“When you have a versatile material such as MultiPanel, you are not limited in your design, the material can be used anywhere for virtually any application whether it be wall linings, fridges which act as a good insulator or as a simple material to construct furniture and cabinets in the fitout phase. It really is quite a unique product. If we are able to use MultiPanel throughout we could save up to 7 tons. Coincidentally this boat would use almost exactly one container's worth of MultiPanel. After seeing the benefits of using MultiPanel on our 75ft Expedition vessel, I am confident that Gulf Craft and MultiPanel can enjoy a long a prosperous future together.”

Mohamed Bin Hussein Alshaali, Gulf Craft


Rolf Ockert Design

"I had been looking for a long time for a bendable panel to be finished in timber veneer for external use, to no avail until I came across Mulitipanel. MultiPanel’s versatility, lightweight structure plus 100% waterproof attributes were clear advantages over any other product available. 

I find myself now considering Multipanel for a wide range of solutions for many different projects."

Rolf Ockert, Director


Fusion Catarmarans

" Strength and weight are the primary factors when it comes to building successful multihulls. Since the introduction of the Multipanel products into the Fusion assembly system we have achieved not only both of these, but the optional veneer coverings and the fact that we can now have our internal kits preroutered is a real bonus. We save over 300kgs on the conventional materials previously used."

Jim Gard, CEO of Fusion Catamarans Australia.


George P Johnson Fabrication

"We decided to use Multipanel purely from a "material handling” perspective, the Multipanel material being so much lighter was easier for the guys to handle, transport and erect. We were all extremely happy with the end result."